Professional Project Management

A practical guide to Program your projects´sucess
By Yamal Chamoun
Publisher: McGraw-Hill

$17 USD

Directed to professional and university students, this manual describes 36 proven tools for an effective project management.

After reading it, you will be able to standardize your processes, to have a higher expectations achievement, better results forecast, an optimum risk management, timely information, less reaction time, quality improvement, less execution time, savings in costs, and better ability to address the needs of your project.

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“I recommend this book to whoever is interested in improving their understanding of how to organize and manage a project, as well as improving their ability to communicate with the clients, employees and other people involved. It’s a must-read reference guide for every project management professional.”

- Earl W. Crisp, university professor

“This book is written with a pragmatic style and has a great amount of graphics, examples, tools, study cases and greatly useful review questions. The concepts described represent the best practices developed to date. The tools are very useful and proven in practice.”

- Russell D. Archibald, author of project management books