In ESCALA® we have specialized in Professional Project Management, focusing on designing unique solutions for our clients according to the needs of their company and projects. Our participation with them can be oriented to:


We are convinced that the key to minimize risks in a project resides in having good management from the beginning, as well as during planning, execution, control and finalization.

Through our Management service, we oversee your construction project, and as strategic allies, we walk you through every step to ensure higher success possibilities.

Using first class talent assigned to your project, a solid methodology, and an innovative vision, we perform a precise and timely implementation, while adopting your objectives as our own.

With this synergy you will be able to surpass your project expectations and to better forecast the results, improved risk management, better team integration, improved quality, less bureaucracy, and savings in time and costs.


We know that establishing a good follow-up system is the key to achieve the goals that we carefully planned.

Through our Monitoring service, we periodically audit the status of the Key Performance Indicators of your project and generate performance reports, which allows a timely verification of progress.

Our experience as a pioneer company and our focus in looking after your interests gives us the ability to monitor the compliance with budget, time and form of your project, allowing us to identify possible risks and deviations to implement corrective actions that resolve or reduce them immediately.

As a key piece of your project, we contribute to better predict the results, better risk management, and savings in time and costs.


We believe that a successful project is the result of transparent leadership with a global vision.

Through our Owners Representative service, we become your right arm, with a deep analysis and understanding of every single part of your real estate project, as well as defining actions to accomplish the Key Performance Indicators from the planning to the finalization phase.

As your strategic ally and project representative, we consider the global scope and the daily processes to execute effectively, making better and more strategic decisions for your development, surpassing your objectives and protecting your interests.

In ESCALA® we build long-term relations. As a model in the Mexican industry, we want you to be sure that working with us is a guarantee that we are looking after the success of your project.


We strengthen our project management knowledge to provide more value to the Mexican industry.

As pioneers in the industry, we give specialized workshops in Professional Project Management (PPM®) to companies with the goal of boosting the knowledge in the nine areas of project management and the use of specific tools for the PPM®.

Our instructors are Project Managers with more than 15 years of experience in the field, and the lessons learned in ESCALA® is how they have been able to apply the best practices. With this backup, they help the working teams to approach their concerns and needs based on actions and strategies that have been already applied in the market.


We are certain that having centralized information is key to better decision-making.

Through our PMWeb service we offer a construction project management platform that safely centralizes all your project information to give you access anywhere in the world, enabling you to make informed and timely decisions.


With innovative vision, we developed this platform, convinced of the great added value that we offer to your project.

ESCALA®, official distributor of PMWeb®.

Less time in reports
Problem solving approach
Complete communication
Centralized, organized and protected information
Task assignment
Real-time budget control