APP®, ESCALA’s legacy to the construction industry

Based on PMI standards, ESCALA’s APP methodology adapts the best international practices to the construction industry in Mexico and Latin America, and makes them available to us through its 36 tools to initiate, plan, execute and control projects of any type or magnitude.

Thanks to the success of this methodology, this knowledge has been shared in prestigious universities such as Tecnológico de Monterrey, as well as with thousands of professionals inside and outside our organization.


ADN ESCALA, at the Tecnológico de Monterrey, was created 15 years ago. This initiative is aimed at Architecture and Civil Engineering students.

Throughout the semester, students develop the skills necessary to correctly plan a project based on the ESCALA methodology. They are assigned a historical project where they must take on the role of a management company with a client (Pedro Valdés, ESCALA General Director). In this way they gain first-hand experience about the challenges they could face once they go out into the professional world.


As pioneers in the industry, we give specialized workshops in Professional Project Management (APP®) to third-party companies, in order to strengthen their knowledge in the nine areas of project management and the use of specific tools for the APP®.

To this day we have trained more than 6,800 professionals.

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Professional Project Management: The Guide Book

Libros sobre la administración profesional de proyectos de construcción

Aimed at professionals and college students, this guide describes 36 proven tools for effective project management.

Libros sobre la administración profesional de proyectos de construcción

A practical guide to program your projects’ success

by Yamal Chamoun


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Description                         A practical guide to program your projects’ success

Author                                Yamal Chamoun

Editorial                             McGraw-Hill

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